Golden poodle dog panting with tongue sticking out

Introducing Sidekick, Finn's official blog on all things dogs

Better nutrition is just one piece of the puzzle. We're here to support you throughout your whole pet parenthood journey.

Doing right by your dog can mean a lot of different things. While one of Finn's biggest goals is to help you keep things covered when it comes to making the right nutritional choices for your pup, there's a lot more we're about when it comes to looking out for your dog's wellness and helping dog parents everywhere feel supported. That's why we started Sidekick, Finn's very official blog dedicated to helping you better understand and care for your very official best friend.

Whether it's dishing out advice from leading vets, offering up step-by-step training guides, or sharing fun scientific tidbits that help you understand Scooter on an evolutionary level, each post on our blog will aim to make your journey through pet parenthood — or should we say, pawrenthood — a little less confusing and a lot more fun.

Plus, we'll also use this blog as an opportunity to tell you more about the stories and science behind our brand and our products. That way, you can get to know us just as well as you know your trusty pooch.

Our dogs make our lives so much better, and now, Sidekick by Finn is making it easier than ever to return the favor!



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