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Getting to know Finn's online consultation

Discover how Finn's online consultation can help you find the perfect products for your pooch!

When we created Finn, our mission was to create a line of pet wellness products that would be the perfect fit for every dog, regardless of breed, size, or age. That’s why one of the things our team has been most excited to build ahead of Finn’s launch has been our online consultation — a series of thoughtful and purpose-driven questions for dog owners to help us recommend which of our products are best for your pup and more importantly, why they’re the perfect match.

Read on to learn a little bit more about how our consultation works and why it’s a great way to get the most out of your Finn journey!

What should I expect from Finn’s consultation?

Our 16-question consultation covers three primary categories: general profile, breed, and lifestyle. We start off with the basics — name, age, size — to first build your dog’s profile. From there, we move onto some breed specific questions. After you tell us what breed your dog is, we’ll use that information to ask you about some of the common breed-specific health concerns he or she might be experiencing. (Not sure what breed your dog is? No problem! We can work with that, too!) Finally, we’ll wrap things up with some questions about your dog’s lifestyle, including how active they are, what their diet looks like, and what sensitivities they have.

We use all of this information to build a unique profile for your dog such that we can give you the most thoughtful product recommendation.

How customized is my recommendation by the end of the consultation?

Our consultation works a little differently than some of the other wellness brands out there. While we don’t do any kind of customized formulation for our products, we do carefully consider all of the information you share with us about your pup to determine which of our active SKUs are the best fit. In order to provide the best wellness recommendations for your dog, we’ve done a lot — seriously, a lot — of the research and leg work to make sure that each of our products is formulated with key ingredients that tackle some of the most common health issues and nutritional needs for dogs across the board. Our research has allowed us to compile a database of over 1.3 million — yup, you read that right — unique pup profiles that take into account factors like breed, age, size, lifestyle, and diet. From there, we identified some of the most common health needs, including common pain points and nutritional deficiencies that occur across all of these profiles. This allowed us to then build our initial products around the trends we were seeing, and it’s helped us get a really strong understanding of which Finn products are a good match for every unique dog — including yours!

Does the consultation do anything besides help recommend the best products for my dog?

Why, since you asked — it does! In addition to helping us identify which of our products are a good fit for your pooch, the consultation provides us with insight to help inform future product launches. Meaning? As a new brand, we have a small but comprehensive product lineup that targets some of the most widespread concerns that dog owners face today. Still, we know our products don’t do it all, but we hope one day they’ll be pretty darn close. To help us expand and improve our product portfolio as we grow, we rely on our site consultation to shed even more light on pet health trends and common pain points for dogs and their owners so that we can keep growing and addressing pet wellness as best we can!

Okay, this all sounds great! Now what?

We’re glad you think so! Looks like it’s time to check out Finn’s consultation for yourself and discover which Finn products are the best fit for your dog. Visit to get started!



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