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Product spotlight: Meet our calming aid soft chews

Who needs chill pills when you've got chill chews, right?

There are plenty of things that might leave your dog feeling a little stressed out now and again — thunder, the mailman, trips to the vet, trips you take without them, trips you take with them where they have to board a flight (pretty much any kind of trips other than trips to the park, to be honest). Unfortunately, being able to jot down a detailed list of all the things that put your dog on edge doesn't help you figure out how to better deal with those things on a regular basis.

Made to help stressed out dogs chill out, Finn’s calming aid soft chews are packed with naturally relaxing ingredients like organic hemp and chamomile that can help alleviate anxiety. That way, your dog can stay cool as a cucumber, no matter what comes their way.

What are some of the active ingredients in this formula?

Each Finn supplement is made with the utmost care and attention to detail when it comes to our formulation. We're always mindful of focusing on top-quality ingredients that are approved and recommended by vets to support your pup's health. In the case of our calming aid soft chews, some of the key ingredients you'll see in our formula include:

  • Organic Hemp: Helps regulate neuron receptors known to trigger anxiety and stress
  • Organic Chamomile: Provides a soothing effect by releasing chemicals that ease anxiety and lower blood pressure
  • Valerian Root: Helps calm overexcited pups and alleviate any tension or insomnia they have
  • L-Tryptophan: Supports response to stress in the brain caused by triggers like loud noises

What sets Finn's calming aid formula apart from the rest?

As with all of our supplements, you might recognize a few ingredients on the list from other products out there, which might leave you wondering why Finn is the best pick of the bunch. The reality is that when it came to formulating our products, the focus was just as much on staying true to effective ingredients that have stood the test of time as it was on giving the pet wellness space a much-needed upgrade.

"I think [Finn's] formulas are a good mix of ingredients that have been around a long time mixed with newer, proven ingredients," says Dr. Laura Robinson, DVM. In the case of our calming aid, that's why you'll see familiar stress-relieving ingredients, like organic chamomile, paired with lesser used ingredients, like organic hemp powder.

We blend traditional stress-relieving nutrients with new ingredients you might not see in a lot of products that have been around for a while. “This supplement will provide the perfect balance of staying organic and natural while providing our anxious friends with the calming relief they deserve," says Dr. Farren Billand, DVM.

Want to help your pooch feel as cool as a cucumber? Give Finn Calming Aid a try!



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